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We’re moving!

Since we sold out building back in December we knew that we’d be moving July 1st. (Which is considered moving day here, even though a lot of people do move year round) but I was stressing over actually finding a place that # 1: Is nice and clean and fits all of us, and that #2: Allows animals, and finally #3: is affordable.

The affordable factor was much harder to deal with since rents have gone up SO MUCH! We finally did find a place that we fell in love with, the rent is more than what we are paying now but we can make it work, and for what we are getting and the area it’s in, it’s actually not bad at all.

With moving comes other costs though. Like general moving costs! We are planning on renting a U Haul and bribing our friends to come and help us. We have never hired movers, but I know people that have and that has set them back hundreds! Then there’s the costs of paint, cleaning supplies, and all the other little things that come up.

Do any of you have any tips for us to save some money?


Sometimes having a warrantee actually pays off!

Warrantee’s sometimes get a bad rap, but sometimes it sure as hell pays to have one!

Sunday night our washer kicked the bucket. It refused to work, made horrid noises, and because it’s a front loader the door was locked and wouldn’t open. I was beyond pissed, and prayed that the extended warrantee I had taken out on my washer and dryer was still in effect. Thankfully, it was! It’s good until January 2014, talk about down to the wire…lol!

I was able to get a repairman in to see it today, and sure enough, the pump was broken! All parts and labour covered! If we had to pay for that repair….well we couldn’t have! We have nothing saved because of the debt situation we’re in!

That got me to thinking. Dave Ramsey suggests that you save $1000 before you begin any extra debt repayments (but you continue to pay the minimums of course. #1, we hardly HAVE anything extra, and when we do it’s very little. Do you know how long it’ll take us to save that? I see the benefit obviously, if something unexpected happens, we’re covered! #2, I want my debt repayment to start NOW!

So what do I do? Do I take a few months to save an emergency fund, or do I throw caution to the wind, and start paying extra on my debt whenever I can?

When friends have not changed…..

So it’s all fine and dandy that I’ve decided to finally do something about my debt, but what do you do when the friends you do have who are in the same boat as you have decided to keep on truckin’ the way they have been. Taking vacations, buying expensive things, etc… how do you maintain those friendships when you are so obviously not in the same boat as them? Part of me is kinda jealous that I can’t treat myself to lavish things but then I remember that they’re not in a great financial situation and buying all those lavish things always comes at a high cost. Then there are the friends that claim to have no money when you ask them to go to a movie or dinner with you but then they book a trip the next day…..

I think I’ve come to a time in my life where I just really need to worry about myself. I’ve always been a people pleaser, and always worried what people thought. Right now I need to worry about myself, and really only worry about the people that I know truly care about me. I have wasted way too much time on people that really don’t give a shit and I’m done.

Personally I need to start coming from a place of no when it comes to invites. I get way too many dinner, movie, you name it invites and I have a hard time saying no. Truth is, my budget is so tight that I truly can’t afford it!

I heard a story at work last week about a friend of a co-worker. She apparently is the cheapest chick out there. Has a good job, owns a car, condo etc, and has tons of money in the bank. When her friends ask her to go out she says she has no money. She does this because she obviously must have a plan. I need to take a lesson from her and live like I’m dirt poor….cause well, I kinda am… LOL!


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