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We’re moving!

Since we sold out building back in December we knew that we’d be moving July 1st. (Which is considered moving day here, even though a lot of people do move year round) but I was stressing over actually finding a place that # 1: Is nice and clean and fits all of us, and that #2: Allows animals, and finally #3: is affordable.

The affordable factor was much harder to deal with since rents have gone up SO MUCH! We finally did find a place that we fell in love with, the rent is more than what we are paying now but we can make it work, and for what we are getting and the area it’s in, it’s actually not bad at all.

With moving comes other costs though. Like general moving costs! We are planning on renting a U Haul and bribing our friends to come and help us. We have never hired movers, but I know people that have and that has set them back hundreds! Then there’s the costs of paint, cleaning supplies, and all the other little things that come up.

Do any of you have any tips for us to save some money?


No news is good news?

So I haven’t heard back from the agency. I even sent them a follow up on Tuesday night so they’d receive it by Wednesday morning. He had mentioned that the company would make up their mind early this week….and well tomorrow is Friday! He has not responded to my e-mail, and I feel like that’s either incredibly rude of him, or that he is under negotiations with the company about me and that he only wants to answer once he knows for sure. I mean, if it was a flat out no, I’d hope he’d have the balls to just come out and say so!


In other news, my daughter started kindergarten today. Last year she was on pre-k so this year wasn’t as emotional to me. Although, she is going to an elementary school that I went to when I was her age so it’s very sentimental! She even has the possibility of having my kindergarten teacher who is still there! Unfortunately what isn’t fun about school is the back to school shopping!! This week I had to go through all my daughter’s clothes so I could figure out what she needs. Well she needs quite a bit! Thankfully Old Navy is having a 30% off everything in the store so I picked up a few things there. Anything to save money at this point is a good thing. These are things that I can’t scrimp on though and that just really sucks for my wallet.


I kinda fell off the wagon when it came to not using my credit cards. I just had to because of all this stuff she needs but after this I’ll go back to not using them.


I just feel like I’m kinda in a rut when it comes to debt repayment, like it’s taking so damn long to see any kind of results. Sure goes by slowly when you’re trying to save and pay off debt but it goes really fast when you’re spending…..

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