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I’d like a new life without debt please. K thanks!

So I’m over this debt bullshit. I’m over the worrying, and the panicking, and the always struggling to pay our bills and the bare minimum on our debts. I’m fucking OVER it.

I’ve been over in my head all my options. Get a new better paying job. Get a 2nd job. File bankruptcy. I need to make a damn decision! Why are these decisions never easy? Oh yes, because they affect your LIFE!!!!

2014 is sure to bring a lot of changes to my life. A big change that’s already happened¬†is having sold our building and therefore not having that huge debt in my name. I love logging into my bank account and not seeing that anymore! I love that it happened at the end of 2013 as that signifies this chapter of my life has been closed and we can start 2014 new and fresh!

I need to be strategic about my planning of a new job. There are a lot of factors I need to consider, and I need to plan accordingly. I hate the waiting game but I can’t be hasty either!

I read the Dave Ramsey book, and although the beginning was like a therapy session into realizing how I got here, and the type of behaviors I need to curb in order to battle this debt, everything else was pretty basic, and like all the other self help books out there. He pretty much tells you that in his intro though…lol! Thankfully I borrowed the book from the library and did not buy it, that would have been a total waste of money. The only thing I’m battling is his “live like no else, so that later you can live like no one else” This I agree with 100% but man is it hard to live like no one else!

Although this blog started off pretty solid, I’ve been slacking and that’s pretty much due to there being zero progress on my end. It IS a miracle however that I’m STILL blogging so I guess that says something. I foresee this becoming a place where I come to bitch and whine, and tell you the little bits of progress I’ve hopefully made. Who am I shitting, that’s what it is now!

Anyhoo, I wish everyone who reads my blog all the very best in the new year. I hope all your dreams, and wishes come true, and if you’re battling that awful little whore called debt, best of luck to ya!



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