I made my bed, and now I must lie in it!

Shoulda known!

Hey there, it’s been awhile. I wish I could say that debt repayment has been going well, but sadly it hasn’t! We moved which cost me $1000, only to find out that we moved into a carpenter ant infested hell hole! We’re talking a HUGE nest INSIDE the damn house. Yep. My luck! so now I’m faced with the decision of if we’ll be moving out of here. The landlord did call an exterminator but I’m really upset that I was not notified before moving in, and having experience with this kind of thing, I know how persistent this problem can be, and I’m not sure I want to live that way.

In other news, I learned a valuable lesson this week. Not everyone will be so sympathetic when you tell them that no, you cannot afford to attend an event. I was made to feel bad, and given major attitude. I remained polite, and tried to explain my situation (even though I don’t owe anyone an explanation) but really all it was made about was that person, and they never once took my feelings or situation into account. This is why in the past I’d accept all invites, charge it, and worry later. I don’t have that luxury now, I don’t have room on my cards, and even if I did, I can’t afford the minimums as it is.

Made me realize who my real friends are. Sadly, I don’t think I have many.


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